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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.
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Vermont Fresh Network's 19th Annual Forum - A Dinner Like No Other

August 2, 2015

For the past 18 years, the Vermont Fresh Network has celebrated its vibrant and diverse partnerships with a beautiful celebration of the most basic value of the Network--its relationships.

Often, you'll see a farm listed on a menu or a slogan claiming "farm-to-table," but what is at the core of a relationship between a farmer and chef? A strong partnership is one of loyalty, trust, creativity and flexibility and the fruit of a strong farmer-chef partnership is evidenced on the plate -- it's the perfect bite of thoughtfully grown, height of the season local products raised and prepared with intention and love. 


The Vermont Fresh Network Annual Forum takes the partnerships that have grown and flourished in the Network and presents them to the public to meet, celebrate and (of course) taste. Join us on Sunday, August 2nd to celebrate the friendships that bring you Vermont's best bites.

Sneak peak at this year's menu:

Lake Champlain Sheepshead ceviche w/smoked bullhead, aji cristal, radish pods  

Chef Doug Paine, Bleu Northeast Seafood

Heady Gazpacho--golden beet, green grapes, cucumber, Heady Topper, marcona almond, blanched garlic, pickled cherry tomato, cilantro

Chef Stefano Coppola, Three Penny Taproom

The Northeast Kingdom Jewel--Beer battered tempura vegetables with creamy Harbison cheese and smoked maple syrup

Chef Katherine Hays, UVM Dining

Vermont Heritage Grazers wood oven roasted pork belly, house made fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes

Chef Bruce Steward, Pascolo Ristorante

2015 Featured Chef Tables & Partnerships:

Ariel's Restaurant with Green Mountain Girls Farm, Bar Antidote, Bleu Northeast Seafood with Lake Champlain Angler-caught Fish, The Daily Planet, The Farmhouse Group: The Farmhouse Tap and Grill with Nitty Gritty Grain Co.; Pascolo Ristorante with Vermont Heritage Grazers; El Cortijo Taqueria y Cantina with Vermont Bean Crafters, Hen of the Wood with Jericho Settlers Farm, Inn at Shelburne Farms with Shelburne Farms, Inn at the Round Barn with Hartshorn's Organic Produce, Junction, Juniper Bar and Restaurant with Half Pint Farm, Leunigs Bistro, Michael's  on the Hill, The Pitcher Inn, Three Penny Taproom with Dog River Farm, Timbers Restaurant at Sugarbush with Gaylord Farm, Taverna Khione with Royalton Farms, Trapp Family Lodge with Trapp Family Farm, Sugarsnap with Sugarsnap Farm, UVM Dining with Vermont Bean Crafters, Jasper Hill, Pete's Greens and Hill Farmstead, Wake Robin with Bella Farm

2015 Grand Tasting Participants:

All Souls Tortilleria, Aqua Vitea Kombucha, Artesano, Caledonia Spirits, Champlain Orchards, Citizen Cider, Crop Brewery, Eden Ice Cider, Full Sun Company, Hollandeer Farm, Joe’s Kitchen at Screamin’ Ridge Farm, Kimball Brook Farm, Lewis Creek Farm, Maple Wind Farm, Mad River Distillers, Mountain Home Farm, O’Bread, Red Hen Baking Co., Shacksbury Cider, Shelburne Vineyards, Slow Food Vermont, Strafford Organic Creamery, Terrafunga, Vermont Bean Crafters, Vermont Creamery, Vermont Fresh Pasta, Vermont Smoke and Cure, VT Beekeepers Association, Windfall Orchard, Zero Gravity

Detailed Schedule and Ticket Information... 

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