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Restaurant Revitalization Fund

May 3, 2021

The information below was compiled from the Vermont Small Business Development Center and the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The application for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grant Program opens today, May 3rd.

Register here with your business name, email address, and cell phone number to receive your confirmation number and password.

Or, if you use Square or Toast, you do not need to create an account with SBA and you can apply directly through them: Square information and Toast information.

To help you with the application, see:

  • The application guide, which includes eligible entities, calculation of funding amount, eligible uses of funds, timeframe, how to apply, documentation required, and more.
  • The sample application (note: gather all the required supporting documents (page 16 of the application guide) and save them as PDFs).

Need help? See the FAQ page here. The SBA hotline for this program: 844-279-8898.

Tips and important notes:

  • Use the Chrome browser
  • Create a naming protocol for your documents; save them in one place on your computer for easy access
  • If you've received Paycheck Protection Program funds in 2020 or 2021, your company information (name, address, EIN) must match the information you use for this application
  • If you have a pending PPP application you must withdraw it when you apply for the RRF
  • See other cross-program eligibility considerations here
  • Once you've gathered your info and documents, SBA says the application should take less than half an house; save often

For more information about the $28.6 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund, see the SBA press release, dated 4/27/21.

“Restaurants are the core of our neighborhoods and propel economic activity on main streets across the nation. They are among the businesses that have been hardest hit and need support to survive this pandemic. We want restaurants to know that help is here,” said [SBA] Administrator Guzman. “The SBA has focused on the marketplace realities of our food and beverage businesses in designing the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to meet businesses where they are. And we are committed to equity to ensure our smaller and underserved businesses, which have suffered the most, can access this critical relief, recover, and grow more resilient.”


Photo from Bleu Northeast Kitchen 


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