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Network Connections - Visit from Cuban Farmer and Documentary Screening

May 2, 2015

Vermont Fresh Network has had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Cuban farmer Isis Salcines as she's embarked on a weeklong tour of Vermont's diverse food systems. She's touring with a documentary about her organic urban farm cooperative Organoponico Vivero Alamar on the Outskirts of Havana. Tierralismo Good Earth Film Tour is particularly exciting because of the connections to sustainable agriculture in the cities the tour will visit - especially in Burlington. The collaborative relationship between local farmers and restaurants in Burlington is an important model. There is a growing movement within Cuba to increase and diversify agricultural production, but Cuba, at this time, still imports close to 80% of its food. Within the last 15 years there has been a push to diversify food crops for consumption on the island after decades of dependency on mono-crops like sugar and tobacco. VFN is working with Isis to connect with our Cuban farmer/chef counterparts and help share the knowledge we've accrued over the years as they work to grow their local food systems.

Vermont Film Screenings of Tierralismo: Stories from a Cooperative Farm

Saturday, May 2nd at Main Street Landing from 7-9pm 

Sunday, May 3rd at the Plainfield Opera House from 5-7pm

For more information visit their website -

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