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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.
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December 1, 2019

The food we eat shapes our health, our landscape, our environment, and the vitality of our rural communities. For 23 years the Vermont Fresh Network has engaged farmers, chefs, and consumers in making the greatest, positive impact we can with our food choices.

We’ve accomplished a lot in two decades. Chefs from a diverse range of establishments integrate local food into their menus. Consumers are asking more from culinary professionals when it comes to sustainable and local sourcing. Farmers and chefs are connecting in new ways.

This giving season, please consider making a contribution to the Vermont Fresh Network


We have more to do. VFN works to develop markets for Vermont farm products that do not yet have a strong foothold but have significant potential for the Vermont food economy. We look for new ways for food producers, artisans, and chefs to share their stories. We build tools for travelers to find authentic Vermont food and farm experiences. We verify farm partnerships and advocate for standards to keep “local” from becoming just another marketing term.

Vermont is building a model for what a community-focused, sustainable food system can look like - we hope you will support VFN’s contribution to this crucial work.

Donate Online  (or send a check to Vermont Fresh Network; P.O. Box 895, Richmond VT 05477)


The Vermont Fresh Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1996 with the mission of advancing relationships among farmers, chefs, and consumers to grow markets and eat more locally grown food.

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