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The Reluctant Panther & Morgan Hill Farm

October 23, 2013

Executive Chef Nick DeLauri of The Reluctant Panther Inn and Restaurant in Manchester has a situation most chefs pine for: his boss Peter Sharpe owns both the Inn, and Morgan Hill Farm in Weston, VT. This collaborative relationship enables Chef Nick to source a remarkable range of products grown specifically to his needs. At the Panther, diners may enjoy beef, pork, chicken, eggs, produce, cheese and maple straight from Morgan Hill.

Morgan Hill Farm raises the popular and hardy Berkshire hog, the hard-to-find Mulefoot American hog and the Mangalitsa--a relative of the wild boar. Chef Nick has plenty of inspiration for his menu and the luxury of calling first dibs on the cuts he gets from the butcher. "I can request both pork bellies, or a whole ham," Chef Nick shares. The supply allows him the creative freedom to cure his own bacon and develop menus for The Reluctant Panther's private wine events, where the menu often features Morgan Hill pork.

You can also always find Morgan Hill Bonne Année semi-soft, cows milk cheese on the menu. Peter struck up a partnership with neighboring cheesemaker Jon Wright of Taylor Farm. Together they produce this signature cheese using Morgan Hill's milk and Jon's facility and guidance. Chef Nick features Bonne Année on his fall menu paired with roasted beets, chickpea fritters, soubise, and hazelnuts.

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