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SILO - Full Circle Dinner with Hotel Vermont

October 18, 2017

In Vermont, distilling is on the rise and locally produced spirits are in high demand, but sourcing and processing local base ingredients like wheat or rye is both time-consuming and requires a unique skill set. Vermont Fresh Network member SILO Distillery was up for the challenge. Head distiller Chris Maggiolo makes SILO spirits out of 100% locally grown base products partnering with Jeff Grembowicz of Grembowicz Farm, a family dairy that had transitioned from cows to grains and now grows SILO's non-GMO wheat, corn and rye in North Clarendon, VT. 

"In a world increasingly inhabited by digital relationships, it’s also nice to develop a more personal connection with our farmer-vendor-friends. Being able to speak with Jeff at a moment’s notice is incredibly reassuring. Maybe I’ve had a bad week and fell behind. Maybe we’ve been cruising and are ahead of schedule. It only takes a phone call to adjust our schedule." Shared Chris on his local partnership.

The grain is delivered to SILO every couple of weeks where it's sent through a hammermill, fermented and distilled in different combinations to create their diverse line-up of spirits. What happens to the by-product after the distilling is complete? Enter SpringMore Farm, to complete the circle. SILO's spent mash (grains left after the distilling process, stripped of alcohol) heads to Baltimore, VT where excited pigs and chickens await the treat. Spent grains are near-perfect animal feed. Distilling removes the starch, leaving a highly digestible, protein-rich by-product that the animals love. SpringMore Farm also grows cucumbers in season for SILO's popular cucumber vodka.

This cycle informs Chef Doug Paine's menu for tomorrow night's Farm to Barn to Bottle, Full Circle Dinner at Hotel Vermont. SpringMore Farm spent-grain fed pigs take center stage as they make an appearance as trotters, pork ragu and SILO Maple Whiskey glazed ham featuring SILO's latest spirit release. The dinner will feature two signature cocktails and SILO spirits will make an appearance in the food itself - like the opening course of SILO Cucumber vodka soup, smoked oysters, caviar, créme friache. 

Tickets are still available but expected to sell out - grab yours here 

And check out Distiller Chris and Chef Doug on Channel 44's Morning Brew, talking about the dinner!  

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