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Q&A with author Tracey Medeiros!

June 10, 2015

Tracey Medeiros is a food writer, food stylist, and recipe developer and tester known for her column "The Farmhouse Kitchen: A Guide To Eating Local" in Edible Green Mountains Magazine and as the author The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, Dishing Up Vermont and now The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook!

Tracey answered some of our questions, and gave us two copies of her new book to give away to lucky VFN friends! 

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- Q&A with Tracey -

Q. What inspired you to write these books?

A. My inspiration for writing these books has always been the desire to promote community wellness by growing food in a healthy responsible way. This has been my message in each of my books and a lifelong purpose. Every person that has been featured in my cookbooks has deeply inspired me by the work that they do. Their dedication and strong commitment to preserving their state’s agricultural way of life through the support of the local food culture is truly amazing.

Q. How do you find the unique stories that accompany the recipes/how do you choose?

A. I chose contributors who have a passion for growing wholesome food, which is produced in a responsible way – respect for the land and the consumer. More often than not, they also have a unique story to tell. 

Q. What was the biggest difference between writing the Vermont Farm Table Cookbook and writing the Connecticut one? Any surprising similarities or differences?

A. The biggest difference between writing the Vermont cookbooks and the Connecticut cookbook was location, of course, and how that impacted the foods that were grown and produced. Similarities were the generous, dedicated nature of the contributors, from both states, and their passion for growing the best products possible. I am grateful and honored that both states have welcomed me into their amazing food communities.

Q. What product/ingredient/type of cuisine do they have in Connecticut that we don’t have in Vermont - and you wish we did? 

A. With its extensive coastline, Connecticut has a wonderful array of seafood as well as some top-notch seafood restaurants. However, I’m seeing Vermont chefs putting more fish on their menus and creating some pretty amazing seafood dishes

Q. What do we have here in Vermont that they lack in Connecticut?

A. Vermont has an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally for its high quality food products - such as its award-winning cheeses and maple products. I’m seeing some pretty exciting things being done with Vermont apples too. Vermont has some incredible craft cider companies and is often referred to as the “Napa Valley of Hard Cider.” However, just the other day I sampled an exceptional aged apple brandy from Westford Hill Distillers as well as an amazing aged Bloomsday cheese from Cato Corner Farm - both located in Connecticut.

Q. If you could write a Farm Table cookbook for anywhere in the world where would it be? 

A. It remains to be seen where my next cookbook will take me, but be assured, it will be a culinary adventure! 

Q. What is a recipe from your cookbooks that you always go back to?

A. Having written three cookbooks, I find it almost impossible to choose one particular recipe. Instead, I am sharing a favorite from each of my books; these are my go to recipes when I want to serve a simple dish that brings a smile to everyone’s face

Flip-over Apple Cake found on page 226 in Dishing Up Vermont (Storey Publishing, April 2008) 

Fresh Corn Quiche found on page 101 in The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook (The Countryman Press, May 2013)

Spicy Littleneck Clams found on page 232 in The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook (The Countryman Press, June 2015) 

Q. What’s next?

A. My next venture will most likely be another food-related book, but right now I am concentrating on the launch and promotion of my latest cookbook, The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook.

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