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The Perfect Pair for your Thanksgiving Meal

November 16, 2016

Whether your preference is wine, cocktails, cider or brews - we have the perfect pair for your Thanksgiving meal! Shake up a cocktail or check out the guides to bring the right cider, beer, mead or wine to the table. Some of these guides just give you a style profile - this is great for picking your favorite Vermont beer, wine or cider for the job. For more fantastic pairing guides, check out the fun and informative Farrell Distributing blog



1. Beer and the Bird: 7 Thanksgiving Pairings 

2. You know what goes great with a Thanksgiving meal? CIDER! Lucky Peach put out a guide to all the different styles including many Vermont favorites. 

3. Pairing herbs with Wine! Thyme, sage or garlic - there's a perfect wine for you! 

4. Boyden's Cranberry Wine is a lovely pair on its own, but try it in a special custom cocktail the Boyden Cranberry Mule.

5. Who doesn't love Eden Ice Cider? They made their own pairing guide!

6. Thanksgiving Wine Survival Guide! Choose your wine course by course.

7. Lincoln Peak is releasing a new, Marquette Nouveau that pairs perfectly with turkey - grab a taste at their release this weekend! 

8. Delicious on its own, and perfect in a cocktail like the Jack Rose, Mad River Distillers' Malvados is a perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving feast.

9. Be the best guest - bring a first course of Vermont cheese paired with Vermont beer!

10. Want to bring something deliciously different to the holiday table? Try Mead! Artesano has pairing notes for all of their honey wines

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