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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.
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Membership opportunity for Vermont Everyone Eats

April 12, 2022

The Vermont Fresh Network is offering membership at a highly discounted rate to the farms, restaurants and producers who provide food to Vermonters in need by participating in the Vermont Everyone Eats Program. Funded equally by VEE and VFN, this is a one-time opportunity to become a part of the VFN network that works to connect chefs with farm and food producers.

Culinary, Farm and Producer membership fees are offered to VEE participants at a 50% discount until April 31st. If you are a new VFN member or are due to renew your VFN membership, we are offering a one-time chance to join or renew at this highly discounted rate. If you are a current, paid member of VFN, this is an opportunity to have a FREE six month extension of your membership. 

To Become a new VFN member, renew or extend your current membership fill out this VEE/VFN Membership Form


In appreciation for your generous work with Vermont Everyone Eats, the Vermont Fresh Network extends these benefits to qualifying VEE restaurants, farms and producers:

  • A members-only VFN business-to-business directory - a tool designed to help restaurants find the ingredients they need and to help farmers and other food producers connect with local chefs. 

  • Participation in local food-focused events across Vermont, including a series of four farmer/chef meetups in 2022 and featuring our signature Vermont Fresh Network Annual Forum Dinner July 31, 2022

  • Participation in DigInVT - Vermont’s largest food tourism collaborative marketing platform, managed by the Vermont Fresh Network. We help visitors and travelers explore the authentic taste of Vermont through  local food experiences.

  • Use of the iconic VFN Logo - in the tin sign, window sticker, and digital formats. For culinary members, this logo tells consumers you have met VFN’ local purchasing standards. 

  • Original Content on our websites, newsletters and social media amplify your voice and get the word out about the good work you doFN works with local and regional media outlets to respond to inquiries, pitch stories, recommend profiles, and maintain the high profile of Vermont local food.  

To Become a new VFN member, renew or extend your current membership fill out this VEE/VFN Membership Form

For more detailed information about qualifications and the benefits of VFN membership, please visit the Vermont Fresh Network website here or email us with your questions.   

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