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Guild and Company

October 23, 2013

Chef Phillip Clayton is the executive chef of the wildly popular Farmhouse Group of restaurants in the Burlington area. The family of restaurants consisting of Farmhouse Tap and Grill, El Cortijo, Guild & Company and the newly added Guild Fine Meats are all benefitting from the Guild Commissary-their Winooski based production house, where most all the meat butchering and aging takes place, giving the Farmhouse Group chefs full quality and creative control over their cuts.

What is Chef Phillip excited about right now?
The high quality steaks dry-aged in the Commissary and cooked to perfection at Guild & Company.

The process starts at LaPlatte River Angus Farm, where the Farmhouse Group buys more than two grass-fed Black Angus cattle each week. Slaughtered and chilled at Vermont Livestock in Ferrisburgh, the quartered beef is then delivered to the Commissary and placed in the hands of master butcher Frank Pace. The beef ages in dry-age coolers for 30 days, where perfected conditions dry the outside of the beef, forming a protective insulator, while allowing the meat inside to tenderize to juicy perfection and intensify the flavor. Steaks are delivered to Guild & Company daily, and the only seasoning they need is a sprinkle of salt, a little extra virgin olive oil, and the magic of their custom built hardwood-fired grill. The hot fire supplies a even, deep sear, crispy outside and a bite of smoky flavor. Chef Phillip recommends you experience the difference dry-aging makes, by visiting Guild and trying the Dry Aged Bone-in Ribeye for Two, carved table-side and cooked medium rare, of course.

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