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Fresh off the Farm - Wellwood Orchard

June 25, 2014

Wellwood Orchard has been producing apples for almost 100 years. Roy Mark took over the orchard in the early 80’s and to extend his season he added early crops that would also be "pick-your-own", like his apples. Roy planted many different kinds of strawberries and though he still is experimenting with varieties, you can pick-your-own Patriot, Jewel, Honeoye and Cabot strawberries at Wellwood right now. Although many varieties of berries can thrive in Vermont, the popular Honeoye have been Roy’s most successful with their disease resistance, firm fruit and sweet, tart flavor.

What’s Roy excited about right now?
Strawberries, of course, and raspberries in a week!

Roy’s fruit season will go from strawberries to raspberries with blueberries following and will take him through the fall apple season. Wellwood Orchard is a favorite spot for the Springfield community, keeping families, canners and area restaurants in Vermont fruit through the season. What is Roy’s favorite way to eat a strawberry? “Straight out of the field, or rather, straight out of the box after someone’s picked them for me,” Ray joked.

You can visit Wellwood Orchard to pick your own fruit daily from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Give them a call at 1.802.263.5200 for directions and conditions.


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