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Dining Guide Advertising for VFN Members

January 1, 2016

Edible Green Mountains presents the Vermont Fresh Network’s FOOD GUIDE. This is a guidebook to Vermont’s culinary destinations. Over 15,000 are distributed with the Summer Harvest Issue and an additional 10,000 are printed for distribution. The FOOD GUIDE is available through key locations and select retailers throughout Vermont, the East Coast including hotels, inns, real estate agencies, etc. Additionally, the guide is mailed out to all subscribers. With the FOOD GUIDE, you’ll be able to find, by town, the freshest meats, dairy, produce, farms, baked goods, producers and dining establishments that Vermont has to offer. The inside pages reflect the Vermont Fresh Network’s members which are sorted by two listings Culinary and Agricultural members. Taste the difference.

Edible is offering discounted advertising opportunities available only to Vermont Fresh Network Members. View the ad opportunities here! 


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