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Baird Farm's Mint Infused Maple Syrup

June 24, 2019

Every summer wild mint grows along the brook that runs through the back pasture into our sugarwoods. The Whole Woods Mint Infused Maple Syrup is the perfect balance of sweet and fresh. By marrying our maple and mint, we are giving you the essence of summertime on our hill farm. We believe that when you eat good food you connect to the land. Our mission is to help you do that. Savor the summer.

This new infused syrup was inspired from attending the Food Loves Tech Expo 2018 NYC. Baird Farm’s Jacob Powsner attended the expo through The Vermont Fresh Network's Conference Program. The expo's theme this past year was the "Future of the Cocktail." Handcrafted in small batches, this foraged mint infused maple syrup was dreamt up to reflect the modern bar: flavor-forward, sustainable, and a return to the land.

From a Julep to a Pimm's Cup, this syrup will elevate any cocktail with a touch of summer in Vermont. 

--Jacob Powsner and Jenna Baird

A portion of sales will go toward future VFN conference scholarships.
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