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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.
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Add Your Voice to the Table: Join the Board

October 31, 2019

Members of the Vermont Fresh Network are committed to making a difference in Vermont’s food community. The Network affects positive change with the mission of advancing relationships among farmers, chefs, and consumers to grow markets and eat more locally grown food. As we move toward a new year and continued growth of the Network, the VFN board and staff are interested in hearing from our members. Are you interested in increasing your participation and offering your perspective about the future of VFN? If so, it’s time to add your voice to the table. We are always excited to hear from VFN members interested in joining the board to help us develop our future projects, support the Network, and plan the direction of VFN. If you would like to learn more about how you can participate as a member of the Vermont Fresh Network’s board, email VFN Board Secretary Annie Rowell.

Vermont Fresh Network Board of Directors’ Roles & Responsibilities

The Board’s primary responsibility is to develop the widest possible support and community involvement for the Vermont Fresh Network. 

VFN Board Members:

  • Ensure good governance.
  • Provide organizational leadership and direction.
  • Ensure that programming adheres to and achieves VFN’s mission.
  • Oversee financials, including adoption and management of annual operating budget.
  • Develop volunteer leadership, recruiting a strong board of directors.
  • Raise funds and in-kind support.
  • Promote the Vermont Fresh Network to the public.
  • Serve a minimum of three years.


  • Demonstrated commitment to and understanding of VFN’s mission.
  • Vocational or professional experience related to VFN programs. 
  • Respect and visibility in Vermont.
  • Experience with nonprofit organizations, restaurants, or agriculture.


  • Ensure sound planning and policies (by setting mission, vision, goals, and organizational procedures).
  • Ensure good management. 
  • Ensure sound resources and financial dealings (assist with fundraising and public relations, and review budget and controls).
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Ensure good governance. 

Job Description:

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings and events and show commitment to board activities.
  • Review minutes and agenda items in advance of meetings and stay well informed regarding the organization’s fiscal and program work.
  • Participate in decision-making and setting overall policy and program oversight.
  • Assume leadership roles. 
  • Actively participate, once a year, in an annual organizational performance review.
  • Listen respectfully to other points of view.
  • Actively promote VFN membership and speak on behalf of VFN to the community.
  • Support fundraiser efforts as appropriate/as able.

Time Commitment for Directors:

  • Quarterly full Board meetings - video conferencing is an option, but a minimum of two in-person meetings are required over the course of a year. Because the board represents the entire state, we try to meet in a central (or rotating) location. 
  • Annual organizational performance review.
  • Committees (optional):
    • Executive Committee - Comprised of the officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary).
    • Communications Committee - Works with VFN staff to develop, update, and oversee marketing and promotion to maintain the integrity of VFN’s brand when promoting the organization’s mission.
    • Development Committee - Works with VFN staff to ensure strong annual contributions.
  • Participation in events during the year - Annual Forum Dinner (first Sunday in August), Annual Meeting (end of January), Member regional networking events, special dinners, etc. There is no minimum requirement for event participation, but it is strongly encouraged and highly appreciated. 
  • Each Board term is 3 years, and Directors serve no more than 2 consecutive terms (equivalent of 6 years). Directors are eligible to be re-elected one year after the completion of their sixth year of service. 
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