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Green Mountain Blue Cheese


Farm/Food Artisan


Boucher Family Farm has been making raw milk cheese under the name Green Mountain Blue Cheese since 1999. The family continues 400 years of agricultural heritage in the region.


2183 Gore Road
Highgate Center, VT 05459

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Phone: 802-868-4193
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Available Vermont Products

  • Dairy

    • Cheese-farmstead, raw milk
      3.4 lbs. Blue Cheese
    • Creamtop, small batch, farmstead milk made from Guernseys. Pasteurized. | $4.00 | January
      1/2 Gallon plastic containers, Quarts are available. High fat +4%. Shake before using.
    • Handmade Butter, pasteurized, farmstead, small batch, made to order from Guernseys. | $16.00/each | January
      Low moisture, 1-lb. packages. Frozen. Keep refrigerated or frozen when not in use. Salted (sea salt) or sweet available. Shipped UPS, or delivered within Franklin County if close to the farm.
  • Specialty Products

    • Vermont Sunflower Oil | November
      Cold-pressed, bottled, and grown on our farm. This variety of seed is high in Omega 9 fatty acids.

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