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Eden Specialty Ciders


Farm/Food Artisan


Onsite Café


Boutique winery in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Focusing on artisanal drinks that reflect the heritage and climate of this beautiful region. Making elegant, gold-medal winning ice ciders and herb-infused aperitif ciders in limited quantities for adventurous wine drinkers, creative chefs, confident sommeliers and inspired bartenders.
We finally made a hard cider! Named Vermont's Best Cider of 2013 by Seven Days, our Eden Naturally Sparkling Dry Cider is now available in VT, NY, MA, NH, ME and soon IL.

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150 Main Street
Newport, VT 05855

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Phone: 802.334.1808
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Available Vermont Products

  • Wine & Spirits

    • Ice Cider | November - January

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