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Brookfield Bees


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Brookfield Bees is a small apiary located in Brookfield, VT. Our hives are located on our own property as well as on the properties of several neighboring farms. An observation hive in the barn makes it easy for visitors to watch the bees at work.

In addition to raw honey, we make soap, shea butter skin therapy and candles from the products of our hives. In the fall, we collect apples from trees in the neighborhood that we cut, grind and press into fresh cider. We use a portion of our cider to make Boiled Apple Cider Syrup, a product with the sugar content and consistency of maple syrup but with a strong taste of apple.

In the spring we use the maple trees in the neighborhood to make maple syrup, using a traditional wood-fired arch and no reverse osmosis For most of our sugarbush we collect sap in buckets.


1148 Kibbee Rd.
Brookfield, VT 05036

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Phone: 802-276-3808

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