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Brookfield Bees

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Specialty Foods

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Agritourism Activities, Workshops / Edu Programs


Brookfield Bees is a small diversified farm located in Brookfield, VT that focuses on making non-cane sugar sweeteners. They have approximately 20 honey bee hives from which they take excess honey. In addition to raw honey, they make soap, lip balm, shea butter skin therapy and candles, most of which include the products of their hives. They have a large collection of honey from around the world which they use in honey tastings to compare the tastes and textures of this wonderful, natural sugar. In the fall they collect apples from the trees in their neighborhood that they grind and press into fresh cider. Some of the cider they boil in their maple sugaring arch to make Boiled Apple Cider Syrup, a product with the sugar content and consistency of maple syrup and a strong taste of apple. In the late winter and early spring they tap about 500 maple trees to collect sap which they boil to make maple syrup.


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1148 Kibbee Rd.
Brookfield, VT

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