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Greenfield Highland Beef

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Farmers Market Stand, Wholesale

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Agritourism Activities


Greenfield Highland Beef's premium grass-fed and finished Scotch Highland beef is all natural, low in cholesterol and high in Omega 3, tender and delicious. Ray continues to raise Shat Acres and Greenfield Highland Beef cattle on the same rugged hillside farm where his parents, Carroll and Polly, began raising these magnificent animals in 1967. Visitors are welcome to visit either the Greensboro Bend or Plainfield farm to meet Ray and Janet and their 100% grass-fed, humanely raised cattle or to pick up your beef. Greenfield Highland Beef is also available at area co-ops and the Montpelier Farmers Market, as well as restaurants and shops in Montpelier and Burlington.




487 Gray Road
Plainfield, VT

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