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Adams Turkey Farm

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Adams Turkey Farm is a family owned and operated poultry farm in Westford, Vermont. It was started in 1984 by Dave and Judy Adams, who sought out to raise and process premium Vermont turkeys for the Thanksgiving tables of friends, family, and neighbors. In 2004, the farm began raising and processing chickens to be sold to local markets and restaurants. The animals at Adams Turkey Farm experience a quality of life that is seldom seen in the poultry industry. Turkeys and chickens on the farm are raised on an all natural, all vegetarian, antibiotic and hormone free grain and have access to fresh water and natural sunlight. They are raised in large open-air barns where they are sheltered from the elements but are able to roam freely and socialize.

All birds are processed on the farm in our processing facility and are USDA inspected for wholesomeness. Our chicken and turkey products are sold wholesale to local markets in Chittenden and Franklin counties, and we are also very proud to be a part of Vermont Fresh Network where we parter with several restaurants in Burlington to provide them with fresh and local products.




1192 Old Stage Road
Westford, VT

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