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On the Forum Menu - Mountain Foot Farm and Michael's on the Hill

July 9, 2014

Curtis Sjolander has been raising brown trout on his Wheelock, VT farm for over 20 years; selling the fish at farmers' markets, through his CSA and to lucky restaurant chefs. Mountain Foot Farm trout tanks are fed by clean, cold water from an up-mountain spring--a secret to the success of the fish farm. Curtis delivers 9-15" brown trout, fresh to restaurants that has been harvested less than 24 hours before--a rarity for fish in this state. Chef Michael Kloeti from Michael's on the Hill, is one of only a few select chef customers Curtis delivers to as he slowly grows his business. Chef Michael loves working with the fresh Mountain Foot trout, and you can find the local fish on his menu most of the year.

How is Michael preparing the trout for the Annual Forum Dinner this year?

He is house-smoking the trout to serve with a chilled summer corn soup with fresh corn and tomatoes!

Try Mountain Foot Farm Trout at the 2014 Annual Forum Dinner on August 3rd -- buy your tickets today! 

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