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Fresh off the Farm - Mountain Home Farm Butter, Buttermilk and Ricotta

February 11, 2015

Less than two years ago, Lindsay Harris moved her family from beloved Family Cow Farmstead in Hinesburg, to a new (to her) farm in Tunbridge to make single source, artisan butter, buttermilk and ricotta cheese. Lindsay milks nine Guernsey cows to make her Mountain Home Farm products and fills what has, up until now, been a hole in the Vermont marketplace for 100% grass-fed, single source dairy products. “I employ the simple but powerful principal that cows should eat what they were born to eat, grass!” Lindsay shares her philosophy, “It is incredible how the uncomplicated act of letting cows be cows results in rich, productive soils, happy, healthy animals and absolutely delicious, nutrient dense food. If you start with amazing milk, it is easy to make wonderful dairy products.”

What’s exciting right now at Mountain Home Farm?
Working with Black River Produce to make the premium dairy products available to restaurants and markets across the state!

Being small has its limitations, and while the quality of Lindsay’s dairy makes it an easy sell for co-ops and artisan markets, the driving and facilitating of distributing product means less time on the farm. Working with a distributor like Black River Produce means Lindsay can stay focused on the farm and production. After all, farming has always been Lindsay’s passion and her driver -- “I love that farming has been and always will be my great teacher. I am constantly learning all sorts of things from the mundane to the profound. I think most of all, it continues to teach me to be endlessly grateful for the gifts of this life and humble in the face of them. Just when I start to feel like I'm in control of things, I metaphorically and/or actually end up face first in a cow pie! And just when I start to feel like a huge failure, impossible blessings are bestowed on me!”

Look for Mountain Home products at markets like Hunger Mountain Co-op, City Market and Healthy Living. Lindsay recommends topping a hot winter soup with Mountain Home ricotta and try her buttermilk in your next batch of mashed potatoes or pancake batter--even on it’s own as nutritious, vitamin rich drink! And we don’t need to tell you how to enjoy the butter…


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