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Vermont Spirits Distilling Co.


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Vermont Spirits produces vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon and brandy hand-crafted in New England’s Green Mountain State. Visit the distillery tasting room at the Quechee Gorge Village on Route 4 in Quechee.

Our flagship brand is Vermont Gold Vodka, made from 100% Vermont maple. We also produce Vermont White Vodka, made from milk sugar, and Crimson Vodka, distilled from apples. Coppers Gin is distilled with wild Vermont juniper, Black Snake Whiskey is made from Vermont corn, and No 14 Bourbon is flavored with Vermont maple syrup. Every stage in our production process is engineered in-house and hand-built, frequently employing simple gravity to transfer the evolving spirits between stages of production. Our Distiller monitors each batch from start to finish, before he deems the product is ready for bottling and shipment. Our spirits are available in New England, NY, DC, MD and direct from the distillery in Vermont.


5573 Woodstock Rd.
Quechee, VT 05059

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Phone: 802.281.6398
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