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Vermont Chevon, L3C


Farm/Food Artisan


Vermont Chevon is your source for Vermont goat.

Vermont Chevon’s commitment to the goat meat industry focuses on maintaining high agricultural standards that raise animals humanely, respects the land, and ensures a sustainable source of chevon for chefs, butchers and consumers,

Add to chevon’s culinary qualities - nutrition. This flavorful red meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than other traditional meats, has fewer calories, and delivers the same amount of protein as beef.

Vermont Chevon is distributed in Vermont and New England by Black River Produce and in Boston Metro by T.F. Kinnealey.


173 Crystal Ave.
Danville, VT 05828

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Phone: 802.535.4110
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Available Vermont Products

  • Meat/Protein

    • Chevon is Goat
      Whole goat carcass, Ground, Stew and Chevon merguez sausage

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