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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

Vermont Butcher Shop, The


We have assembled a team of expert butchers and professional chefs to bring Vermont-raised meat to your family’s table. The Vermont Butcher Shop is the leading proprietor of “honest” meats and victuals from the Green Mountain State. We source our meats from Vermont’s best farms – where animals eat what nature intended, and are given plenty of clean water and fresh air. The result is healthier, more delicious food on our customer’s tables.
We revere the traditional role of the butcher. On display at our shop are large and sumptuous cuts of beef, pork, lamb and poultry. You can watch as a white-aproned butcher expertly works a full side of beef, see bacon freshly sliced to order, and learn the best way to prepare a lamb cut for dinner. This is how Americans used to buy their meats – from a butcher who would hand-cut quality meat to the customer’s specifications, wrap it in old-fashioned butcher paper, and give expert advice on how to best prepare it.


2167 North Main Street
Londonderry, VT 05161

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Phone: 802.856.7744
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