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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

Vermont Bean Crafters Co.


Bakery, Catering, Farm/Food Artisan


Organic, Workshops/Education Programs


Sourcing ingredients primarily from local organic farms, we craft plant-based gluten-free foods that are exceptional in taste and ethic. Our specialty is our increasingly ubiquitous bean burgers, currently available at retailers and food service venues throughout the Northeast. We also sell literally tons of locally-grown organic dry beans to restaurants and retailers, from black turtles to pintos, kidneys to heirlooms.


Partners with Certified Organic Farmers


284 Route 100
c/o Kingsbury Market Garden
Warren, VT 05674

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Contact Information

Phone: 802.325.2144
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Available Vermont Products

  • Uncategorized

    • Black Bean Burgers
    • Chipotle and Ancho Peppers
      Local, organic peppers smoked and dried. Whole peppers, crushed peppers, roasted and frozen peppers available November 2014 on.
  • Baked Goods

    • Cocoa Bean Cookies
      Gluten-free and vegan cookies comprised of more than 50% local and organic ingredients.
  • Grains & Flour

    • Masa - from local, organic, heirloom corns
      Available winter 2014 on.
  • Specialty Products

    • Catering - services offered under DBA 'Craft Kitchen Collective
    • Falafel
      Crafted from a blend of chickpeas and locally-grown white bean varieties (soldier, navy, or yellow eye depending upon availability), heirloom cornmeal from Butterworks Farm, loads of fresh parsley, kale, and a bit of local sunflower oil. The amalgam is touched off with just a bit of heat and the flavors of coriander, paprika, and cumin.
    • White Bean Hummish
      We offer seasonally-varying spreads that re-imagine hummus with locally grown ingredients and a diversity of flavor profiles. Available in retail packs or else 1 gallon food service buckets.
  • Vegetables

    • Dry Beans
      We sell over a dozen distinct varieties of dry beans that we source from a half-dozen farms in VT and NY. We provide seed stock and inoculant as needed on the start of the season and take care of cleaning and bagging the beans if and as needed once harvests are ready. We deliver our 25# bags of beautiful beans to numerous restaurants around Vermont every week.
    • Shelling Beans | May - July
      Starting in the 2013 growing season, we're working with a network of growers to provide VT Cranberry Beans and Favas to be sold as fresh shelling beans this year. Please reach out in advance if you have any interest as these are looking like they'll move fast.

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