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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

UVM Dining


Bakery, Catering, Institution


Event Facilities, Prepared Foods to Go


In all of the dining venues we operate at the University of Vermont, we work to build a sense of community on campus by honoring food’s ability to promote health and wellbeing, bring people together and highlight local and global issues. We offer personalized service to meet our customers’ needs and preferences, while prioritizing high quality, fresh and made from scratch meals that are environmentally and socially responsible. All of our locations are open to the public and we encourage you to dine with us!

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Partners with Certified Organic Farmers


406 S. Prospect St
Burlington, VT 05405

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Contact Information

Phone: 802-656-4664
Website: http://
Facebook: Join Us

Meals Served

All Day, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

Vermont Products Served

Baked Goods, Dairy, Eggs, Grains & Flour, Fruit, Herbs, Honey, Maple, Meat/Protein, Specialty Products, Vegetables, Wine & Spirits

Member Partners (39)
(O = Certified Organic, G = Gold Barn Award)

Non-Member Partners

14th star, Aqua Vitea, August First, Blackburn Foods, Ben & Jerry's (pints are VT made), Blue Ledge Farm, Blue Ox Farm, Boggy Meadow Farm, Burnt Rock Farm, Butterworks, Castleton Cracker, Catamount Farm, Cold Hollow, deep Meadow, Deep Root, Diggers' Mirth, Drew's, Echo Farm, Fiddlehead Brewing, Full Sun, Garuka Bar, Green Mountain Smokehouse, Green Mountain Creamery, Green Mountain Mustard, Guild, Harlow's, Hazendale, Hillside Creamery, Intervale Community Farm, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Kimball Brook Farm, Maple Wind Farm, Maplebrook Farm, Miskell's, Myron's, Northcountry Smokehousee, Nellie's, Old Athens Farm, Old Cavendish Snacks, Olivia's Croutons, Otter Creek Brewery, Pete and Gerry's, Pitchfork Farm, Pulp Kitchen, Putney Mtn Winery, Queens Greens, Red Hen Bakery, Red Wagon Herbs, Rex's Outrageous, Rhapsody, Rivery Berry Farm, River Garden Farm, Rockville Market Farm, Rosie's Snacks, SAP Maple, Shadow Creek Farm, Sidehill Farm, Speeder & Earl's Coffee, Stonewood Farm, Sweet Rowen Farm, Switchback, Taylor Farm, Thomas Dairy, Tretap, Valley Dream Farm, Vermont Artisan Coffee, Vermont Cookie, Vermont Coffee Company, Vermont Maple Sriracha, Vermont Cookie Love, Vermont Soy, Vermont Tortilla Company, Vermont Salumi, Zero Gravity, Yolo Snacks

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