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Thompson Family Farm


Farm/Food Artisan


Farm Stand/U-pick


We are a small family operation specializing in quality beef and maple production. We believe our love and enjoyment of what we do shines through in our products. We emphasize 'quality over quantity.'

We know you'll be able to taste the difference that care, attention and living the good life makes in our beef. You'll also appreciate the top shelf results generations worth of knowledge imparts on our maple syrup.

We also have Wagyu beef! We are so excited to be offering this extraordinary meat to our customers. Wagyu (sometimes called 'Kobe') is legendary in its taste and history.


192 South Craftsbury Rd
Craftsbury, VT 05826

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Contact Information

Phone: 802.586.9090

Available Vermont Products

  • Eggs

    • Fresh Eggs
  • Honey

    • Raw Honey
  • Maple

    • Maple Syrup
  • Meat/Protein

    • Pork
    • Wagyu Beef

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