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The Backroom


Catering, Restaurant


The Backroom is an intimate restaurant offering public & private dinners, cooking classes & culinary events. Located just minutes from Killington, Vermont in the small village of Pittsfield. Join Chef Kevin Lasko & Katie Stiles in the open kitchen and communal dining room as they share their passion for food & entertaining with you. The menus are always changing, always local and always delicious.
The Backroom offers one seating on Fridays at 6PM and one seating on Saturdays at 5:30PM after a half hour of cocktails and snacks. The three-course dinner menu is served.

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Partners with Certified Organic Farmers


3963 Route 100
Pittsfield, VT 05762

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Contact Information

Phone: 802.770.4357
Facebook: Join Us

Hours of Operation

One seating on Fridays at 6PM, and one seating on Saturdays at 5:30PM. Check the website for special events, to inquire about private parties, and to make dinner reservations.

Meals Served


Vermont Products Served

Baked Goods, Dairy, Eggs, Fruit, Grains & Flour, Herbs, Honey, Maple, Meat/Protein, Specialty Products, Vegetables, Wine & Spirits

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