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Snug Valley Farm Pastured Pork and Grass-Fed Beef


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Snug Valley Farm is a local family farm that produces natural grass-fed Holstein beef, pasture-raised Heritage pork, and pumpkins galore.

We believe chefs and their patrons want a relationship with their providers. They want to know and trust where the product they are working with or eating is coming from, who grew it and how it was grown. We appreciate and respect these relationships. That’s why we grow only the best possible feed for our grass-fed beef and pasture-grown pork on our family farm in East Hardwick, VT. With acres of pasture and hay, and locally sourced bull calves and piglets, we raise and produce consistent beef and pork products that are beautifully marbled.

We believe that happy animals taste better. Our pigs are raised in small groups throughout the year, with pastures to romp and root in the summer and a deep bedded pack barn with full access to the outdoors all winter. The pigs are fed a natural grain and our own hay, organic veggies and some organic bread.

Our Holstein steers eat Snug Valley hay, kelp and minerals during winter and graze on our pastures through tight rotational grazing management. These steers grow here from a few days old to a full two years of age (the natural growth cycle for these bovines). No hormones, no stimulants.


824 Pumpkin Lane
East Hardwick, VT 05836

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Phone: 802-472-6185
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