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Northeast Kingdom Processing, LLC


Farm/Food Artisan


Northeast Kingdom Processing, LLC is a USDA Certified, state of the art meat processing facility located in Lyndonville, Vermont. We employ an experienced staff who understands that the local farmers and producers are the heart and backbone of the business.

We take pride that all animals are handled humanely and offer a top quality, fresh local product. In July of 2014 NEK Processing, LLC became certified for organic slaughter and processing. We strive on our food safety and sanitation protocols to bring customers a confident product.

You will also find a variety of products available in our facilities storefront, from fresh packaged local beef, pork and lamb to a variety of delicious maple flavored products. We also offer several smoked sausages, nitrate free bacon and beef jerky.

We can satisfy your needs for a party of 2 to a busy restaurant. We offer retail and wholesale pricing and can make meat boxes for any budget.


796 Industrial Parkway
St Johnsbury, VT 05819

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Phone: 802-222-1852
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