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Newhall Farm


Farm/Food Artisan


Cage Free, Grassfed, Organic


Newhall Farm is a 400+ acre farm that once helped to conserve Randall cattle, Vermont's only state heritage breed of cattle. With orchards and a small vineyard Newhall Farm respectively partners production of ice cider and brandy from their certified organic estate apples and grapes from standard viticulture practices. Committed to excellence in producing only high quality products while using skilled animal husbandry, Newhall Farm also fosters responsible stewardship of the land.

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384 Weld Cemetery Rd.
Reading, VT 05062

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Phone: 802.342.1513
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Available Vermont Products

  • Honey

    • Honey
  • Maple

    • Maple syrup
  • Meat/Protein

    • Beef
    • Lamb
    • Pork
  • Specialty Products

    • Ice Cider

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