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Jericho Settlers Farm Inc.


Farm/Food Artisan


Cage Free, CSA, Farm Stand/U-pick, Grassfed, Organic


We are Mark, Christa, Asa, and Hazel. Christa grew up on the farm in Jericho, her parents still live there and the next generation plays and occasionally works on the farm. Mark is a transplant from Washington State where he lived and worked on a small diversified dairy farm. We made Jericho our home in 1999, started the farm in 2002 and the kids in 2005 (Asa) and 2009 (Hazel).

Jericho Settlers' Farm was founded in 2002. The farm name was chosen because we live on two of the earliest settled farmsteads in Jericho, Vermont; the Chapin Homestead settled in 1783 and the Brown Family Homestead circa 1800. We continue the tradition of raising healthy food on a diversified family farm.

We grow food for you because we believe a thriving local food system is essential to a sustainable community, both our human-community and the other animals, plants, and the land that share this space with us. We strive for real work in which we find joy, wonder and accomplishment each day, as well as the continuous opportunity to learn and meet challenges. Our aim is to provide real nourishment for you and your family.

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22 Barber Farm Rd
Jericho, VT 05465

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