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Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard and Winery


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At Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard and Winery, we not only produce wine, we also grow the grapes to make it! We also make and sell maple syrup and grape jam as well. So stop by our beautiful tasting room located just 3.2 miles south of Montpelier, VT to taste true Vermont wine, grown and made right here!


4373 VT Route 12
Berlin, VT 05602

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Phone: 802.223.1151
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Available Vermont Products

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    • Frontenac Gris | $15.99/each
      This full flavored, semi-sweet white wine has harmonious honey aromas and a tantalizing tropical palate. With this wine we stop the fermentation early by chilling it so that the wine retains some sweetness. This Vermont wine pairs perfectly with Vermont cheeses!
  • Maple

    • Maple Syrup | $7.50/each
      At Sugarhouse Round we are able to produce quality Vermont Maple Syrup. Sizes range from 250ml glasses to 1 gallon jugs.
  • Specialty Products

    • Jam
    • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Wine & Spirits

    • American White | $15.99/each
      This dry yet bright wine combines flavors from both coasts to create a subtly fruity wine suitable as a pairing for chicken and fish, or as a lively companion at a picnic.
    • Dog River Red | $16.99/each
      A celebration of the Dog River Valley and our furry friends – this wine represents friendship, community, and loyalty. This wine is a smooth, medium-bodied, oak-aged sweeter red and offers rich flavors of dark berries up front and finishes dry. Serve chilled or at room temperature.
    • Freerider Red | $16.99/each
      Inspired by the joy of being truly free on skis – Freerider Red celebrates those hard-earned fresh tracks.” Freerider Red is composed entirely of the St. Croix grapes. It was 50% oak-aged and 50% aged in stainless steel. It is dry, light-bodied & smooth, with delicious berry flavors throughout.
    • La Crescent | $15.99/each
      La Crescent is a bright, fruity Vermont wine dominated by flavors of pear and wild apple combined with subtler notes of tangerine and apricot. Its subtle sweetness makes it well balanced and pairs beautifully with lighter dishes like chicken, fish, or a summer salad.
    • Little Piggy Pink | $13.99/each
      A whimsical homage to our faithful farm friends, this handsome ruby colored rosé is made from Frontenac grapes. It has pleasant cherry notes and finishes off-dry. This Vermont wine is best shared with friends!
    • Maple Wine | $32.99/each
      Made from 100% Fresh Tracks Farm Vermont Maple Syrup. After a closely monitored fermentation and wine-making process we produce this delicious Vermont maple wine!
    • The Digger’s Dance | $16.99/each
      A celebration of the art of farming, the Digger’s Dance represents the beauty that can be found in the simplest of tasks. This smooth, medium-bodied red wine offers the rich flavors of dark fruit and chocolate combined with an earthiness that underscores why we named it The Digger’s Dance. The wine finishes with lingering hints of anise, vanilla and black pepper.
    • Vermont Apple Wine | $15.99/each
      There are few things that quite capture the feeling of early Fall in Vermont as well as an apple orchard. We try to embody that essence in our Vermont Apple Wine, a crisp, refreshing and naturally sweet wine. This wine is perfect for a picnic or as a delicious (and highly recommended) accompaniment to cheese fondue.
    • Vermont Rosé | $13.99/each
      This off-dry, French-style rosé is a pleasant alternative to heavy red or lean white wines. With its hints of strawberry and red apple peel, this ample-bodied Vermont wine is well suited for picnics, light summer dinners or simply on its own. Crafted from our 100% Vermont-grown St. Croix grape, this wine is a notable example of the high quality wines that can be produced with northern varietals. This popular rosé pairs well with sharp cheddars and heady blue cheeses.

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