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Finn and Roots Farm


Farm/Food Artisan


Finn & Roots grows plants and fish together in a symbiotic and sustainable system called Aquaponics. This is a centuries-old growing technique that utilizes the natural waste produced by the fish to be used as organic fertilizer for the plants. Our system is run without using any antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides. Our water and nutrients are recycled/recirculated and any excess fish waste is used for compost on our small farm orchard. This results in 90% less water usage than traditional farming and virtually no run off into our rivers and lakes. We utilize many new techniques to take this ancient growing method to a new level, literally, where mushrooms grow at ground level under tables full of Greens with hanging grow towers above the tables full of Basil and other Herbs. Our water source is from a pristine Vermont mountain spring located in the middle of our protected 200 acres of forest and fields. We raise warm water fish (currently Tilapia) that enjoy a toasty 82 degree water temperature and we maintain 70 degrees average temp. for our plants ALL year-round. Because we live in Northern Vermont and not Hawaii all of the growing is done in our special purpose-built controlled environment building that we like to call the Eco-Ark.

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Bakersfield, VT 05441

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Phone: 802.933.4355

Available Vermont Products

  • Fruit

    • Strawberries
  • Herbs

    • Basil
    • Misc. Herbs
  • Meat/Protein

    • Non-GMO fed/raised Tilapia
  • Vegetables

    • Cucumbers
    • Lettuce
    • Micro-Greens

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