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Farmer Brown


Farm/Food Artisan


Certified Humane, CSA, Farm Stand/U-pick, Grassfed


The Brown Family is a first generation family farm, naturally raising a variety of healthful farm products in a sustainable way. Our goal is to grow delicious, good-for-you food using only the finest ingredients: grass, sunshine and water.

Farmer Brown farm is located on 45 acres in Bakersfield, VT, with a great view of the Cold Hollow Mountain Range. My husband and I, along with our young family, have a small herd of Angus. We move our cattle to a fresh pasture every day. This ensures that they are always receiving the best.

We have laying hens and meat birds that follow the cows' rotation and provide us with delicious eggs and meat, and pasture raised pigs that help clear the brush for us. We also raise a few turkeys for the fall.

I love to make delicious baked goods and I enjoy preserving our garden's harvest into jams, jellies, relishes, salsa and more.

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2850 Witchcat Rd
Bakersfield, VT 05441

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Phone: 802.933.5980
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