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Burelli Farm


Farm/Food Artisan


Certified Humane, Grassfed, Organic, Workshops/Education Programs


Burelli Farm is a central Vermont farm raising chicken and beef. All of our meats are certified organically raised. We raise the majority of the grain that we feed our chickens right here at the farm. Our cattle are all of the heirloom Normande breed and are grass-fed 100%. We never feed any grain to our cows. Our prices are $4.00 per pound for chicken; $6.00 per pound for stew beef and ground beef; $9.00 for steaks and roasts.

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269 Burelli Farm Drive
Berlin, VT 05602

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Phone: 802-595-2572
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Available Vermont Products

  • Meat/Protein

    • Beef
    • Chicken
    • Pork
    • Turkey
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