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Brown Boar Farm, LLC


Farm/Food Artisan


Brown Boar Farm is a family-owned and operated business committed to producing wholesome, naturally raised food in an environmentally friendly way, offering consumers and fine restaurants a delicious alternative to commercial farm products while helping to ensure the continuance of these varieties of meat.


543 Lamb Hill Road
Wells, VT 05774

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Phone: 802.325.2461
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Available Vermont Products

  • Meat/Protein

    • Hertiage Pork
      Naturally raised, grass and whey fed, hormone free. We sell a variety of cuts, roasts, sausages, nitrate free bacon, hams and ham steaks. We also sell roaster pigs whole or split. Custom butchering of whole or 1/2 pigs is available. All of our pork is processed at Eagle Bridge Custom Meat and Smokehouse in Eagle Bridge, New York. Feel free to call for details.

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