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Breezy Acres Farm


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Breezy Acres Farm is a 210 acre farm nestled in the beautiful hills and mountainsides of Montgomery, Vermont. Their Hereford Beef is grass-fed with 24/7 outside pasture access in a herd situation. Calves stay with their moms to grow big and strong on their milk while grazing their nutrient rich pastures or enjoying their lands hay in the off-season. They are finished with grain the final week or two to give perfect marbling to the meat. The pigs are also pastured and allowed to be pigs -- wallowing, rooting, and grazing, just enjoying life on the farm. The pig herd consists of Yorkshire, Durocs, Tamworths, and most recently Heritage Red Wattles. They cross their breeds to accentuate the best of the breeds to produce a strong, fast-growing hog with delicious meat production. Sows are allowed to have their babies without the confinements of farrowing crates. Piglets stay with mom until well on their way, and remain with their littermates until market age of 6 to 8 months, enjoying the land, grain, hay, veggies, and more. All meat is processed by Breault's in nearby Troy. Their poultry is pastured outside in moveable houses to stay safe from predators while scratching the dirt and grass, and enjoying the fresh air.

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536 Fuller Bridge Road
Montgomery, VT 05470

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