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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

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Grafton Village Cheese

Grafton Village Cheese

Farm/Food Artisan | Brattleboro | Network Partners: 58 | 800.472.3866 | Welcome to Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont's award-winning aged cheddar cheese. Our artisanal cheddar cheese is handcrafted from premium raw cow milk from small Vermont family farms. Learn more.


Grafton Village Cheese-Brattleboro

Farm/Food Artisan | Brattleboro | Network Partners: 14 | 800.472.3866 | Welcome to Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont's award-winning aged cheddar cheese and specialty cave-aged cheeses. Our artisanal cheddar is handcrafted, VT premium raw cow milk from small Vermont family... Learn more.

Gratitude Farm

Gratitude Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Northfield | 802.485.9660 | A new farm in Northfield, Vermont serving our local community and beyond. We use biodynamic and organic farming methods to grow nutrient dense produce. We also grow a variety... Learn more.

Graze and Gaze

Graze and Gaze Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Barre | 802.479.2778 | A family farm in Barre, VT. Bill and Loretta along with help from their adult children, Bill, Rachel, Andrew and Joe, raise grass fed beef, pastured pork, free range chicken... Learn more.

Green Mtn Blue Cheese

Green Mountain Blue Cheese and Boucher Family Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Highgate Center | Network Partners: 57 | 802.868.4193 | Boucher Family Farm has been making raw milk cheese under the name Green Mountain Blue Cheese since 1999. The family continues 400 years of agricultural heritage in the... Learn more.

Green Mountain Girls Farm logo 1500x555

Green Mountain Girls Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Northfield | Network Partners: 3 | 802.505.9840 | We are a small diversified farm providing an Omnivore's Farm Share, farm experiences and lodging. We raise healthy (natural & sustainable), happy (free-range & loved) animals & vegetables for sale... Learn more.


Green Mountain Orchards

Farm/Food Artisan | Putney | Network Partners: 8 | 802.387.5851 | The Darrow family has been growing apples since 1914. We offer already picked or pick your own apples, blueberries, peaches, pumpkins, and more. The orchard is a beautiful, wholesome place to... Learn more.

Vermont Wagyu

Green Mountain Spring-Rock Farm-Vermont Wagyu

Farm/Food Artisan | Springfield | Network Partners: 2 | 802.885.7812 | Our vision at Spring-Rock Farm is to create superior Wagyu genetics and breed stock, and to work with other farmers, breeders, the culinary world, and the community at large to... Learn more.

Greenfield Highland Beef

Greenfield Highland Beef

Farm/Food Artisan | Plainfield | Network Partners: 3 | 802.454.7384 | Our premium grass-fed and finished Scotch Highland beef is all natural, low in cholesterol and high in Omega 3, tender and delicious. Ray continues to raise Shat Acres and Greenfield... Learn more.

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Half Pint Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Burlington | Network Partners: 14 | 802.316.6073 | Half Pint Farm is located in Burlington's Intervale, is run by Mara and Spencer Welton. As the name implies, we are a very small farm operating on only two acres.... Learn more.

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