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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

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Recognizes chefs who are exceptional partners with Vermont farmers! We are in the process of reviewing and posting 2018 honorees, for a list of 2017 recipients please see our Gold Barn program page. Learn more...

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Unity Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Charlotte | Network Partners: 1 | 914.703.1328 | Certified organic farm in Charlotte specializing in greens grown year round, mostly in hoophouses, and annual and perennial flowers. Mostly wholesale to grocery markets and restaurants. Prefer establishing good relationships... Learn more.

Vermont Bean Crafters

Vermont Bean Crafters Co.

Bakery, Catering, Farm/Food Artisan | Warren | Network Partners: 31 | 802.325.2144 | Sourcing ingredients primarily from local organic farms, we craft plant-based gluten-free foods that are exceptional in taste and ethic. Our specialty is our increasingly ubiquitous bean burgers, currently available at... Learn more.

VT Beekeepers2

Vermont Beekeepers Association

Farm/Food Artisan | Burlington | Network Partners: 2 | The Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) represents over 200 beekeepers who raise bees for love and honey. We're as diverse as the 246 towns in Vermont, but unified in our fascination... Learn more.

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Vermont Chevon, L3C

Farm/Food Artisan | Danville | Network Partners: 9 | 802.535.4110 | Vermont Chevon is your source for Vermont goat. Vermont Chevon’s commitment to the goat meat industry focuses on maintaining high agricultural standards that raise animals humanely, respects the land, and ensures... Learn more.


Vermont Cranberry Company

Farm/Food Artisan | East Fairfield | Network Partners: 37 | 802.363.3631 | Vermont's first commercial growers of cranberries for restaurant, retail and winery sales. We offer Fresh & Frozen Cranberries, Sweetened Dried Cranberries, Cranberry Juice, Jams and Jellies. Learn more.


Vermont Creamery

Farm/Food Artisan | Websterville | Network Partners: 46 | 802-479-9371 | Vermont Creamery still follows the path Bob and Allison took years ago — crafting artisanal dairy products in the European style through a vital link with local farms. Based in... Learn more.


Vermont Fresh Pasta

Farm/Food Artisan | Proctorsville | Network Partners: 59 | 802-226-7580 | Offering a full line of Fresh bulk Ravioli, Pastas, Ramen Noodles, Sauces, & Pesto for restaurant use as well as a retail line of Fresh Ravioli, Pastas, Sauces & Pesto... Learn more.

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Vermont Heritage Grazers, LLC

Farm/Food Artisan | Bridport | Network Partners: 7 | 802.989.5134 | Grazing grass and legume pasture in the Champlain Valley,our Pure Berkshire pigs produce the best pork you will ever taste! Their grass/hay diet is supplemented with whey from... Learn more.

Vermont Hydroponic

Vermont Hydroponic Produce

Distributor, Farm/Food Artisan | Florence | Network Partners: 3 | 802.282.9617 | Vermont Hydroponic Produce, LLC is a grower/shipper of hydroponic fruits and vegetables. We currently grow the Torero variety of beefsteak tomatoes and the Favorita variety of cherry tomatoes. Both of... Learn more.

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Vermont Smoke & Cure

Farm/Food Artisan | Hinesburg | Network Partners: 65 | 802.482.4666 | At Vermont Smoke & Cure, we’ve been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats using humanely raised meats and simple local ingredients since 1962. Our team of employee-owners make everything right... Learn more.

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